My friend and I were on a leisurely walk through Jerusalem when we came upon this rally. Upon seeing the massive amount of people waving flags and holding signs, we immediately were intrigued to find out what this protest was regarding. What we had stumbled upon was a rally against racism. There is a very large Ethiopian population in Israel, comprising of over 120,000. Many in this community immigrated to the country under the Law of Return during Operation Moses (1984), Operation Sheba (1985), and Operation Solomon (1991). This rally was to raise awareness about equality amongst the races in Israel. It was held on Martin Luther King Day.

Next Post: May 14. Jerusalem Street Shots

3 thoughts on “Israel: Rally Against Racism

  1. LOVE these photos… and very sad to read about the attacks in Tel Aviv. There is so much bubbling on the surface here…. I’m sure this summer is going to be even more interesting than last year. You are back already?? Cool! Take plenty of those lovely morning skies!! Have a lovely trip!


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